Enemy Soil Discography:
Discography CD Double-disc Discography CD. Released by Bones Brigade.

Split 7 inch w/ pg.99 Back Cover Split 7" with pg.99, on Sacapuntas Records.

Fractured Theology CD back cover The 3" CD Fractured Theology!

3 inches of pure grind. Profane Existance Far East 1998.

Live in Virginia 7 inch cover Back Cover Live in Virginia 7"

Recorded live at the South Main Cafe, Blacksburg VA. Dwie Strony Medalu Records 1998.

Split 7 inch w/ Corrupted Back Cover Split 7" w/ Corrupted

Corrupted is from Japan. HG Fact Records 1997.

The Ruins of Eden CD Back Cover The Ruins of Eden CD

This MCD includes all the songs from The Ruins of Eden 10" and the live Flexi 7". Clean Plate Records 1997.

Live at at Fiesta Grande #5 flexi Back Cover Live at at Fiesta Grande #5 flexi 7"

There's even a Minor Threat cover on this puppy! Clean Plate Records 1997.

Split 7 inch w/ Agorophobic NosebleedAgorophobic Nosebleed's cover Split 7" w/ Agorophobic Nosebleed

Our side of this split we recorded at the same time as the split with Reversal of Man. There's a shot of us recording at the photos section. Bovine Records 1997.

Split 7 inch w/ Reversal of Man Back Cover Split 7" w/ Reversal of Man

Check out a Reversal of Man page. FistHeldHigh Records 1997

The Ruins of Eden 10 Inch Back Cover The Ruins of Eden 10"

On a German label. Insolito Records 1997.

Split tape with Abstain Split Tape w/ Abstain

Our side was recorded live on our Canadian tour. Click here to check out the rest of the tape's cover. Noise Induced Deafness 1997.

War Parade 7 inch Back Cover War Parade 7"

Slap A Ham Records 1996.

split 7 inch w/ Desperate Corruption Desperate Corruption's cover Split 7" w/ Desperate Corruption

Desperate Corruption is all the way from Japan. Bovine Records 1996.

Casualties of Progress 7 inch back cover Casualties of Progress 7"

Check out the Inside covers. Relapse Records 1995.

Split 7 inch w/ Wadge Split 7" w/ Wadge

Enemy Soil's first vinyl release. Wadge's webpage. Break It Out Records 1994.

Split tape w/ Parasitic Infestation tape inside Split tape with Parasitic Infestation

Parasitic Infestation is also from VA. Open Eye Records 1993.

In no particular order, here are some vinyl and cd comps on which Enemy Soil has appeared:
  • Enemy Soil/Suppression/Mrtva Budoucnost 3-way split live tape (Psychotherapy Records)
  • "Grindinthemind" 7" (Bovine/Satan's Pimp)
  • "A Tradition of ..." 7" (Fall)
  • "Fiesta Comes Alive! Best of Fiesta Grande #1-5" CD/LP (Slap-A-Ham)
  • "Reality Part 2" (Deep Six)
  • "Speedfreaks" 7" (Knot Music)
  • "Death ... Is Just The Beginning III" CD (Relapse/Nuclear Blast)
  • "UHF/VHF" CD (Relapse/Release)
  • "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly" 3x7" (Insulito)
  • "Midnight Offerings 2" CD (With Your Teeth)
  • "... And the Scene Goes On ..." CD (With Your Teeth)
  • "Bleeeeeeaaaaaaauuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggg (#3) A Music War" 7" (Slap-A-Ham)

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