These are pages worthy of the soil's approval, enjoy! Now divided into sections.
  • Crawl/Child Canadian band the Soil played their first show with.
  • Corrupted Did a split 7" with the soil.
  • Daybreak "sea faring power violence".
  • Deceased Death metal.
  • Disassociate Nothing needed here.
  • pg.99 One of the best new bands in Virginia.
  • Pig Destroyer Va's new grinddaddys.
  • Reactor No. 7 Metal Morons.
  • Vitality Philadelphian heavy metal.
  • Wadge Did a split 7" back in the day.

  • Zines:
  • Holy Mack'l Dere Zine.
  • The Roller Ezine.

  • Labels:
  • Bovine Records Label Enemy Soil has been on.
  • Clean Plate Records Label of multiple Enemy Soil releases.
  • Profane Existence Disbanded, but the site is still up.
  • Relapse Records Another releaser of Enemy Soil records.
  • Slap A Ham Records Put out the War Parade 7" and hosts the Fiesta Grande shows.

  • Distros/Misc.:
  • 924 Gilman St. The 924 Gilman St. Project (home of the Fiesta Grande Fests and a decade of punk.HC shows) in Berkeley, CA is threatened with closing! Please visit this site and sign the petition!
  • Stalag 13 Squat in Philly that has shows.
  • Has an interview w/ the Soil on there.
  • Vacuum Distrobution Has a bootyload of records.
  • Washington City Paper "Pop Quiz" Wasington City Paper Interview with Enemy Soil

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